Thursday, 9 August 2007

Using the New UTAS Liaison Librarian Blog

Blog guidelines
Post on any topic of interest to other LLs
You can comment on a post using the comment button at the bottom of the post.
Please put logical topic labels into the label field. If something is particularly applicable to your faculty please make a label like this: ARTS or LAW. Labels are the basic index of the entire archive.
You can track the blog using an RSS reader like Bloglines (which Kate likes) or GoogleReader (which I use). Just click the link at the very bottom of the blog page and it will lead you through the process.
Do not post anything that you are unwilling for someone outside the Library to read: the blog is 'public' in that it can be searched and read by anyone. However, only those enrolled by the moderator can post or make comments.
The moderator can edit or delete posts if you want something changed. What you write can be changed on request if you make an absolute gaffe.
The moderator is currently Roger Carter.

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Kate G said...

Go to Really easy to sign up and there are so many great RSS feeds out there. This makes it really easy to manage them. EDNA does particularly good stuff. If anyone wants, ask me and I can send you links.