Thursday, 15 October 2009

Communicating knowledge: how and why UK researchers publish and disseminate their findings

Hot off the press, ie Sept. 2009, this report is a joint publication between RIN and JISC. I cannot boast a thorough reading of it yet but, at first glance, it appears to have some interesting data about what motivates UK researchers in diverse disciplines to publish or to present at conferences; what influences their choice of publications; how they collaborate, when and with whom; and what or whom they cite. There's also a "response" to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).

You might beat many of us to a close examination of this report, in which case we'd love to hear your comments.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is on this weekend at the Sydney Opera House. Amongst many other varied topics, Susan Greenfield will be discussing the implications of Online Networking on developing brains. Hopefully there will be some information about discussions available online after the event, as some of the topics sound very interesting and certainly controversial. As the festival overview reads: The Festival will almost certainly cause moments of outrage, but will hopefully push the boundaries enough to stimulate, provoke and engage people in wider discussion.