Thursday, 22 July 2010

Researchers of Tomorrow
JISC have released another interesting report (which I'm still digesting) - this time with findings from phase one of their study into differences between information-seeking behaviours of Gen Y and older doctoral students. It should be noted that 65% of the Gen Y sample were from pure and applied science disciplines and that some of the differences revealed may be due to the science-bias rather than age factors. Nonetheless, it indicates that some of our assumptions about generation-specific use of information or interest in technology may be inappropriate. Topics covered by the study include uptake of Web 2.0 technologies, approach to information-seeking, understanding of open access, preference for seeking help...One of the biggest differences appears to be in students' use of librarians for support - much more likely with older students. Among the constraints on research progress, with a rating in the middle range, is lack of own research or information seeking skills. A subsequent survey has just commenced and will address:
The role of supervisors and technology take-up
Attitudes towards using mediated content and intermediaries in research support
Attitudes towards using open access
- As research resources
- As places to publish their own research
What kinds of training and support would best serve their needs

New Spice library ad

Have you all seen the Old Spice ad that is around at the moment? This spoof called New Spice - study like a scholar, scholar has been designed to promote the Harold B. LeeLibrary. Its worth a look for a laugh.