Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Information Literacy in Disciplines

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) have grouped together information literacy standards, articles and curricula resources by discipline. Worth a look if you haven't seen it already.


Monday, 20 October 2008

Online tutorials

Here's something that might be useful - online tutorials contextualised to subject areas (!!!) . They focus on finding information on the internet (including subscription databases but not in detail) and obviously have a UK bias, but I found them useful particularly when thinking about the discipline specific information skills and knowledge students will need in their lives beyond university.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

New place to confess all

More Web 2.0 developments.......Ning have just launched 30 applications to enhance social networking sites including Confess which is apparently a place to confess your inner most secrets anonymously. This might have a cathartic use for those with more colourful lives and hence interesting secrets to tell...I guess the rest of us will just have to make them up!


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jay Walker's amazing library

On the Libraries Interact blog today they linked to an article in Wired magazine about Jay Walker who built himself a library (and a house) to showcase not only his books but also his collections of artifacts. The article is worth reading and the photos are out of this world.

Monday, 13 October 2008

ALIA Dreaming 08 Conference paper

I thought the following paper was the best at the conference for Liaison work " Turning 'cold sellers' into 'must haves': marketing unsought library products" by Julie Badger Swinburne University of Technology.
If you are interested the link to the paper is below:


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Odd endnote issue when opening word

I have dealt with this endnote issue twice in the last couple of weeks. The issue occurs when opening word, an error message comes up "The specified Word library can not be unloaded because it is in use" and CWYW cannot be used.

There is a solution on the FAQ page here which involves going into Help>About MS Word> Disabled items, and enabling any endnote related items.

First mass adoption eBook reader - iPhone

Richard Wallis from TALIS discusses the iPhone as an eBook reader on his blog here

I've been using the Stanza software for a few weeks on an iPod Touch, and it is very nice, you just touch one side of the screen to turn a page, and the display is quite readable. There is a pretty good selection of free books (out of copyright classics mostly) to download via wireless, and you can download software to turn other documents into compatible files. You can also get some newspapers for free. I haven't read a whole book on it, yet, but it is quite comfortable to read newspaper articles on. I like it, but I haven't stopped borrowing Library books yet.

The official website of the Stanza software is here

What does this mean for libraries? Should we be promoting software like this to our users? Could this be the ebook application that reaches a critical mass of people and changes the book market for good?