Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Austlit Subsets

Hi all,
This is me with my Literature hat on.

I just want to highlight the Austlit Subsets if you are unaware of them.
The latest Austlit news has a link to news about the Australian Children's Literature subset.
Those of you with Education responsibilities should be aware of this.
Also on the left toolbar of this page are links to other subsets, which include "Black words" (relevant to Riawunna), "Responses to Asia" (relevant to Asian studies?), "Australian popular theatre' (relevant to VPA/Music?), "SA women" (rel to Gender Studies?) and other regional subsets like Tasmania, WA and Tropical Aust.
Also you should be aware of the major research project being led by Philip Mead in English to add to the Tasmanian Subset. This has been very successful and large numbers of previously hidden works are now listed in Austlit.

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Kate G said...

Thanks, Roger.
I have forwarded info on "Black Words" to Mitchell Rolls. The children's literature stuff will be really useful for me in my TAFE course next term.