Friday, 4 December 2009

Enhancing the Student Experience Through Effective Collaboration: A Case Study

Interesting article

Rejecta Mathematica

At a session about bibliometrics at the IL seminar I attended recently in Melbourne, a journal called Rejecta Mathematica was mentioned in which articles may only be published if they have been rejected by a peer reviewed journal. The journal cites the following aims:
  • "mapping the blind alleys of science": papers containing negative results can warn others against futile directions;
  • "reinventing the wheel": papers accidentally rederiving a known result may contain new insight or ideas;
  • "squaring the circle": papers discovered to contain a serious technical flaw may nevertheless contain information or ideas of interest;
  • "applications of cold fusion": papers based on a controversial premise may contain ideas applicable in more traditional settings;
  • "misunderstood genius": other papers may simply have no natural home among existing journals.