Tuesday, 15 May 2007

New Serials Solutions Article Linker

Hi all,
have just been having a play around with this. Now, I may be a naive, "newbie" Librarian, but I think it looks great. Much less clunky than Crossearch and with so many more options and functions - and it's "prettier"! First impressions say "yay"!
What does everyone else think?
Kate G

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Roger Carter said...

Kate is talking about the replacement that we WILL be getting for Metalib at the end of 2007.
You can see a demo at:
u/name sersol
p/word search

and you can see some examples of how different Library's have customized it at:

Remember, its just a demo; we can customize it radically when we do get it.

We can and probably will continue to call it CrossSearch, but thats up for future discussion.