Thursday, 10 May 2007

an interesting website

Hi All,

I came across the following website: Wordchamp at:

i thought it might be useful for Asian and European languages plus it could be a useful for education too. The site allows users to create their own lessons.

What do people think about about adding to subject guide.

I was thinking of adding a section for useful online resources for Education. Any thoughts?


Kate G said...

Good idea! I get quite a few through on OZ-TL net. Would you like me to contribute?

Roger Carter said...

Contribute anything you think might be of use in our liason areas or might be candidates to go on our subject guides.

KP said...

Did you get this linked Scott?

KP said...

Scott this sounds like a great idea - what would be really good is to be able to get feedback when people use these links

KP said...

This sounds like a great idea - wouldn't it be good if we could get feedback from users of this site?