Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Notes on using the blog

The blog automatically archives posts by date on the right of your screen so you can trawl back to past posts that way.
To find posts and comments on a topic, just do a keyword search in the box at top left.
Try to keep the same thread together by replying to comments rather than starting a new post each time....this will keep our conversations more coherent if we keep topic thread together.
Note that when you post you can add extra labels for better retrieval later if you wish.
It might be a good idea to add a label when you make a new post on a new topic??

If you intend to start an important conversation on a new topic (which in reality is a bit like a meeting agenda item) email everyone in the team to alert them to start using the blog. That way we will get full team participation on each topic.

Just some suggestions.

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