Friday, 30 March 2007

I'm not convinced.....

Hate to dampen everyone's enthusiasm but I am not convinced that bloggs are the way to go. I will be happy to be proved wrong but I don't see how this improves on good ol' email. However it is worth experimenting and if not entirely successful in this format it may be just what the doctor ordered in another context. My impression of bloggs are that they are ok for a one way flow of information but not that good as a discussion/chat tool. What do others think?


Roger Carter said...

I am not sure either Paul, but we have to find a way to meet .. without meeting very often!
The advantage I see over email is that it is very easy to search old entries (top left hand corner of screen), it neatly archives by date, and its a central place where our whole team can communicate.
A wiki might be better, with more functionality, but this looked like an easier way to start!

Kate G said...

Hi all,
I ran a blog at my previous workplace, and it seemed to work very effectively. The archiving, I agree, is a major advantage over email, as well as having the information located centrally for all to see without millions of emails going backwards and forwards. The major reservation seems to be that people think it will be an onerous task to check the blog. really, it only needs to be done once a day - and then it's quick and easy to scroll through the postings and make comments as needed. I think for the purposes of communication a blog is better than a wiki. if we ere to begin, say, formulating a plan or strategy document as a group, the wiki would be a better way to go.
Kate G