Monday, 11 May 2009

Library raves - are you ready?

An article in the American Library Association's e-newsletter piqued my interest for obvious reasons...'Academic Libraries become all the rave"

Apparently students in several US universities have used social networking technologies to organise impromptu gatherings (i.e. dance parties) and the library has been the venue of choice. Some of the quotes in this article are hilarious. I especially like the revolutionary zeal of a mass of students shouting 'take the library!'. Such passion.

It's interesting that the library was chosen over other locations on campus. I wonder if it was because for students 'the library' speaks of all things establishment and so holding a rave there is fun because it is a rebellious and empowering act in a 'stuffy' location? Or because the library really is the heart and soul of the institution?


Isobel Clark said...

I like the fact that the students refer to the library as a 'natural gathering place for students'... but the YouTube video is rather disconcerting! Pepper spray is an interesting means of dealing with unruly students...!

Felix Wilson said...

Search "don't tase me bro" on youtube to see an even more extreme approach to dealing with an unruly student, and the cultural response to the incident. It's a wild world.

Anne Shepherd said...

I was impressed to read that after the incident in which hundreds of students were crowd surfing, being arrested and sprayed with pepper spray, the library only stayed closed for 20 minutes.