Tuesday, 19 February 2008

a couple of things you might find useful

I know everyone is very busy at the moment (me too - nervous breakdown seems to be the default state at the moment!) but i have been working on a couple of things you might find useful once things settle down.

The first is a video editing/presentation tool called "jumpcut" (www.jumpcut.com), which i have used to make a "fun little video" about how to interpret reading lists. i can email it to you if you are interested. it lets you make funky slideshows with sound and captions and things. mine is just a bit of fun, really, to break up the monotony of undergrad classes.

The second is another presentation tool called "vcasmo" (http://www.vcasmo.com). Using this you can upload your ppts (or whatever other format) into a web format for easy sharing, editing etc. I have only really started looking at this tool today (not a lot of time for "playing" with these things at the moment), but it looks like it has potential.

Anyway, both of these are worth looking at once life goes back to some semblance of normality - if it ever does!

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